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Fly Out Fishing

For some, the epitome of the Alaskan dream is a fly out!  Most of our fly outs are in majestic BEAVERS and depart from a nearby lake.  The fishing flights are normally between 30 minutes to one hour each way and include about five hours of fishing.  Flightseeing trips of any length are also available.


Although Fly-outs to meet almost any interest are available, our most popular fly out combines spectacular red or silver salmon fishing with black and brown bear viewing.  This fly out is best from the second week of June through the end of July.  Fishermen have the opportunity to fish while bear are literally within reach of your fishing rod.  Bear also routinely swim next to your boat.  Depending upon the season, the red Salmon can number in the thousands and literally form clouds underneath your boat.  But it still requires skill to catch them.  Therefore, your guide is there to help you. For the non-fisher, fly-outs for only bear viewing are also available.

Other fly outs for fishing are for: rainbow trout/Dolly Varden, northern pike, Grayling, silvers, and lake trout.

Spectacular Fly-outs for hunting are also available.  Guided and unguided hunts are available for: black/brown bear, moose, and caribou.

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